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🦊💋Hi! I'm Alija, a female gamer from West Coast, US.
I post streams weekly: Long runs on Sun & Mon: UTC-8.

I will eat your mangos while doing the moon walk to distract you. I am small, fear my shortness. I relate to Red Pandas & StarFox.

Channel Facts: I build everything myself usually. It takes time, sorry if I've made an error. I sat on a black 5-gallon bucket while streaming for my first month before saving enough to get a yoga ball (awesome chair). This was indeed, very uncomfortable and I am much happier with a ball ^__^

Other Facts: I'm a dancer, I play guitar & pads, love to hike, and build things in general from Mega Construx to actual motorcycles. I always end up watching animated shows like Archer & Bobs Burgers. 

[ Analogue to Digital ]
I've been playing games since before I could do anything else besides stare at rainbows. I played an Amiga 500 in the early 90's as my first console; it was a lot of fun! I still reminisce about the black and green. Thanks to my family, Atari, Nintendo, and Gameboy were only a few years away; my twilight days of adventuring RPG, FS, & Shooters. Several more years pass and with some saving, I eventually got a Nintendo 64 & Playstation X, & PS2.

Occasionally heading to Xbox, but never sticking around for long (Mostly Just for HALO. #Cortana <3), PlayStation 3 & 4 dropped in. Mobile and PC are smaller placeholders in my life for the side-flings like SIMS series, Minecraft, Animal Crossing PC, Toram, and some other various mini-games.

Currently running most of my streams with a PS4 Pro. Its been a nice enhancement to my previous PS4 Systems (PS4&Slim) which I sold to upgrade to 4k with faster stats.

To keep up with gaming rigs and equipment I usually hustle all my previous systems & games online or locally at low costs to save for upgrades. I do keep some of the older games and equipment like limited editions, gear, rares, or just games I loved that someday I'll play again for the nostalgia. My Final Fantasy collection is a great highlight, including a few cards from Triple Triad, limited cases, and artwork. I think my favorite item is actually something most people wouldn't guess: an Animal Crossing DS Game. I do enjoy the game quite a bit, but the reason I like this small part of my collection: the case is a misprint. Where it is supposed to say E for Everyone, it says M for Gore, blood, sexual content, drugs, violence, and more. If you know what Animal Crossing it, this is absolutely HILARIOUS! I've worked at several Video Game Companies and rejected many offers for this lovely item. ;) 

I feel very privileged and grateful to have this history and equipment, there are many to thank aside my own hustle skills. <3